Current Projects    CLARKEHOUSE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 2011.  All rights reserved. CLARKEHOUSE has been a contractor on the US Army's Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) since inception. LMP is part of the "Single Army Logistics Enterprise" and is designed to provide the US Army with national-level supply chain functionality and processes based on a common software solution with common data structures. LMP is designed to replace two of the Army's largest logistics systems: the Commodity Command Standard System (CCSS), which is used to manage wholesale inventory control, planning, and budgeting; and the Standard Depot System (SDS), which is used to manage depot, arsenal, and ammunition plant operations. The new LMP provides a fully integrated supply chain extending from business areas of demand planning, ordering, buying, and manufacturing all of the way to the distribution of weapon systems parts to soldiers in the field. Now it’s time to bring the Army Depots up to date.  We are looking for US Citizens with SAP skills.  Please send your resume to with desired location and availability.  Thank you.